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Recommended Devices

iPad Air 2
or above

iPad Mini 3
or above

iPad Pro
or above

iPod Touch – 5th Gen
or above

Minimum requirements
iPad Mini 3, iPad Air 2, iPad Pro – 1st Gen, iPhone 5S, iPod Touch – 5th Gen. iOS 11.


Our top choice for iOS printers

The TM-T20 is reliable, fast, and affordable. Rated one of the top printers on the market for iOS EPOS Systems.

Can’t plug your printer into your network?

If you can’t plug your printer into your network or a nearby datapoint, the TM-M30 can also be used as a bluetooth printer instead. The downside is it can only pair with one register per device.

For ultra hot environments or noisy kitchens

Epson U220 Ethernet Impact Printer

Thermal printers, which use heat to transfer ink, don’t work well when they’re next to a 200ºC+ oven or frier. Instead, you’ll need an impact printer, which transfers ink mechanically. 

Since it’s louder than a normal printer, it’s also great for noisy kitchens where dockets get missed.

EPOS Stands

Our top choice for iOS Stands

POS-Up have partnered with Studio Proper to supply the most modern and stunning stands and cases for iOS devices

Cash Drawers

Compatible Cash Drawers

Most cash drawers are compatible with Kounta, as long as the cash drawer has an RJ11 cable then it will plug and play. Your cash drawer plugs directly into the thermal receipt printer and ejects the cash drawer wirelessly.