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Deputy EPOS Staff Management

Staff Management and Scheduling

Deputy is a powerful app, which handles everything you need to manage your staff from scheduling to task delegation and much more.

Employee Scheduling

Takeaway EPOS system

Time and Attendance

Task Delegation

Employee Utilisation and Productivity


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Spend a lot of time scheduling employees?

Deputy makes it easy

Create fully costed employee schedules in no time.
And notify everyone with just one click.

Want to automate your timesheets?

Deputy gives you visibility

Easily see who worked when, create, approve and export timesheets to payroll software.

Want to simplify time & attendance tracking?

Deputy does it for you

Easily capture when and where your people work for greater HR compliance, payroll accuracy, and insight into workforce productivity.

Wish payroll didn’t take hours?

Deputy saves you time

With out-of-the-box support for Quickbooks, Xero, ADP, MYOB, NetSuite and many more, take advantage of streamlined approvals from timesheets to payroll.

Need better communication?

Deputy keeps everyone in the loop

Give your employees an easy way to stay informed, share important messages and contribute to the workplace conversation via their mobile devices.

Like to be a better manager?

Deputy delegates more effectively

Create and assign tasks to your employees. You’ll even get notified when they’re done.

Need to manage your workforce remotely?

Deputy gets you mobile

With applications for Android, iPad, iPhone and Apple Watch, it’s easy to track staff management from any location.

Want to recognise your team’s hard work?

Deputy rewards employees

Employee performance won’t go unnoticed. Journaling allows employers to recognise and reward top performers.