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Coffee Boy

Coffee Boy

Coffee Boy is another one of our biggest success stories. From a single site to 3 sites, each with the Kounta EPOS system, Sum Up, Deputy’s staff management system and constant support, we’ve helped Coffee Boy grow to be extremely successful.


Initially, Coffee Boy’s Huddersfield site was serving great products, but didn’t have the technology to back them up. We fitted them with the Kounta iPad EPOS system at first, then moved on to replace their PDQ payment gateway with Sum Up devices. Sum Up offers a service with no monthly fees, just a small per-transaction percentage. This saved them hundreds in unnecessary flat fees on transactions through the PDQ machine.

``I never even knew this level of technology was available for so little cost.``

- Richard, Owner of Coffee Boy

Kounta’s intelligent production printing system allowed their drive-thru and their front desk to both print to the same coffee machine printer, allowing the barista to see all incoming orders. They then upgraded to a bump screen, allowing the barista to bump off orders as they were made on a fixed iPad on the wall.


Coffee Boy then moved on to get the Deputy staff management system, allowing them to track their staff’s clock in/out times, breaks and payroll all from the cloud. This could be exported to their Xero account automatically too. Deputy allows messages to be sent to their entire workforce, with a checkbox to say that the staff have read it.


Coffee Boy is now looking at opening more sites across the country, and they’ll definitely be taking the Kounta iPad EPOS system, Sum Up, Deputy, and their bump screens with them.

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