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Packhorse Inn

Packhorse Inn

The Packhorse Inn is a bit of a community success story. The pub was closed and bought out by property developers, who were going to turn the Packhorse into flats. But, the love and investment of 500 local residents saved the pub from being converted, and allowed it to open again as a fully-functioning pub and restaurant. Even though the pub is a 15th century building, they needed a high-tech restaurant EPOS system able to keep up with the high demand expected.


The Packhorse Inn came to POS-Up to help them out. We suggested we set them up with the Kounta restaurant EPOS system, which would give them access to intelligent production printing, fast service and transaction speed, an in-depth tables feature and in-depth reporting. POS-Up helped get their account set up, along with configuring their menu correctly, setting their table layout up and ensuring the food dockets going through to the kitchen had the correct succinct information on them.


The Packhorse Inn, apart from being packed full of loving invested locals every night, now enjoys speedy service through the Kounta restaurant EPOS system. The customers can be allocated to a table, then the table number is printed on the food docket, making it simple for the kitchen to see who’s having what. They also have the EPOS system set up so that all drinks orders go to the bar, and the food orders go the kitchen, so there’s no confusion or wasted paper.

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