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Estabulo Rodizio Bar & Grill are one of POS-uP’s biggest success stories, initially tasked with introducing a fully electronic POS system to modernise how the restaurant takes orders and processes payments. POS-uP have helped Estabulo to implement a number of technologies to increase efficiency across many aspects of the restaurant.
Zack Issack - Managing Director

``POs-uP has been an essential part of our growth and has helped us go from a single location to 4 sites in less than a year, without their help we wouldn't have been able to grow so quickly. I would suggest any company looking at implementing any new technology or looking to move with the times to get in touch.``

What we did –


Initially, we introduced Kounta a cloud-based EPOS system into Estabulo in Wakefield to remove pen and paper from the restaurants so they could increase speed. As apart of this we launched ordering tablets; small devices that the staff can carry around to place orders so they can be printed on the bar and to the kitchen. This helped to maximise sales by making it easier and quicker for the waiting staff to serve more customers in a smaller space of time.


Estabulo were still having a lot of trouble with paper-based timesheets for their staff. This lead to mistakes, underpayments, overpayments, and a lot of frustration and unnecessary communication with staff out of hours to clear everything up. POS-Up introduced Estabulo to the marvel of Deputy; an extensive staff management, scheduling, timesheet and payroll tool, which all integrates directly with Kounta to track when staff clock in and out. The timesheets are then pushed to Deputy, so payroll can be done semi-automatically with no discrepancies or mistakes. This saved Estabulo hundreds of pounds a month in staff costs, since the timesheets were now correct, and they could see their staff casts vs. sales in real time. Not only that, though! In addition, Deputy’s intelligent login method ensures the right staff are present and dressed ready to work at the right time. They can also message their entire workforce through deputy and set individual tasks, with a option for the staff to confirm they’ve read the message.


Rob - Financial Director

``The staff used to turn up late and were not dressed to work, but now, Deputy will take a picture of them to record if they're dressed correctly, and I get an automatic message if they are late. I would never have know this technology existed if it weren't for POS-uP``

The Website –


With Estabulo now in the digital era, they felt they needed their website to reflect this. POS-Up were tasked to create them a new responsive website, where customers could direct themselves to the right branch, book a table, put down their deposits, and even buy gift vouchers. Some time later, we integrated their OpenTable booking system into the website, a system that will allocate customers a table automatically when they book, taking the guesswork and paperwork out of phone bookings.

With this digital rebrand, we also helped to redesign their menus. Before, the menus were long and bulky, but POS-Up helped to make them look and feel professional. They were concise, looked amazing, and reflected the image that Estabulo were looking for.


Payments –


PDQ machines have always been sub-par in our eyes, and Estabulo were still in a contract paying extortionate flat fees with every transaction and monthly service fees. POS-Up suggested that Estabulo switch to Sum Up, who offer a low, per-transaction percentage and nothing else. Due to the extent of Estabulo’s turnover, a tiny bespoke transaction rate was approved, so they now pay far less for card transactions than they did previously. As a bonus, the Sum Up card machines are integrated directly with the Kounta iPad restaurant EPOS system, so when the user checks out, the payment amount transfers directly to the device, ready for the customer to pay.


We see Estabulo as a prime example of the power of the Kounta EPOS system and all its add-ons. When a business like Estabulo is willing to change and adapt, they can really flourish in the marketplace and experience the success they have experienced. We will continue working with them throughout their growth, and hopefully they will show other businesses how the right technology is just as important as what you offer to customers.

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