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Dugs Mugs

Dugs Mugs

Dugs Mugs is a modern cafe with a twist, their canine companion, Dug, is a permanent resident! The owners (and Dug) were looking for an EPOS system to simplify their way of working, allowing them to spend more time on that all-important customer service.


The cafe got in touch with POS-Up to get them fitted with the Kounta EPOS system. The ease-of-use, simple interface and quick transaction speed of Kounta allows them to perform transactions super fast, to the point it’s almost second nature. Kounta was simple to install remotely, and the menu was set up with all the required option sets and variants by the engineers at POS-Up to get Dugs Mugs operating at peak efficiency.


Now Dugs Mugs can concentrate on what makes their cafe brilliant; the dogs! Having a compact EPOS system with Kounta frees up space and time to build a good customer base and keep the business going.

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