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Honest Crust Pizza

Honest Crust Pizza

Honest Crust started out in Altrincham Market, and upon their expansion into Mackie Mayor in Manchester’s Northern Quarter, they needed a versatile EPOS system that would span across both locations and give them a unified system.


POS-Up helped Honest Crust to set up the Kounta EPOS system in both sites, and signed them up to the integrated payment gateway Sum Up. Sum Up gave Honest Crust a special custom rate due to the high volume of sales, allowing them to run their business with the lowest transaction fees possible, around 1% per card payment with no monthly fees. The Kounta EPOS system allowed Honest Crust to create two separate ‘sites’, which are both accessible from the same online company back office, accessible from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. The speed of the Kounta EPOS system allowed them to get through a lot of sales quickly, and the intuitive tables interface allowed the runners at Mackie Mayor to know exactly where customers were sitting in the huge dining hall.


Honest Crust is now a front-runner in Mackie Mayor, serving up hundreds of pizzas per day. The other businesses in Altrincham Market and Mackie Mayor also followed suit, with 2 more restaurants signing up to Kounta and utilising it to its full potential.

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