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Oke Poke

Oke Poke

Oke Poke is a family-run business looking to bring the magic of Hawaiian cuisine to the heart of Manchester’s Northern Quarter. To complete the look of their store, they needed a minimalist and compact EPOS system to suit the space, and to allow them more room to prepare food.


Oke Poke got in touch with us at POS-Up, and we were happy to get them fitted with the modern, compact EPOS system Kounta. All that was required to be on the countertop was an iPad and a stand, and everything could be done from there, with the printer and cash drawer stashed under the counter, making the space look clean. With the power of EPOS, the iPad connects to the same network that the printer is hardwired into, allowing it to send food dockets wirelessly. Kounta also provided a solution to Oke Poke’s complicated ‘Build Your Own Pokebowls’, with 5 steps and a lot of options to get through quickly and simply. Kounta’s option sets and applied rules allowed the BYO experience be easy from the user’s end, with each step being in order and prompting for upsells at every stage. Notes could be added and the customer could get exactly what they wanted.


The guys at Oke Poke now enjoy Kounta, an affordable EPOS system capable of doing everything they want in a compact fashion. The in-built tax functionality allows them to easily calculate their tax from eat-ins and takeaways in a simple report, and the speed of the system allows them to get through busy lunch rushes with ease.

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