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The Salutation Hotel

The Salutation Hotel

The Salutation Hotel estate is a huge building located in Sandwich Kent, offering a restaurant, tea room, venue hire, boutique gardens, a gift shop and more. They needed a total solution that would synchronise across every part of the estate, allowing one to see a complete overview of every part of the estate at once. Kounta allowed this functionality, with multiple sites and reporting that covers everything under one company.


POS-Up was called upon to get the Kounta EPOS system in place across all their sites, being the gift shop, restaurant and tea rooms. They wanted fixed points of sale, roaming units and flexible menu configuration to suit all the products covered over the 3 diverse areas. We helped them get Kounta installed across the entire estate, configuring the menus, separating the sites and ensuring their EPOS system was up and running before training them on using the intuitive system.


The Salutation Hotel now has complete control over the entire business from one place, where they’re able to see how each place is doing from anywhere in the world thanks to the cloud-based EPOS technology. The reporting allows them to filter sales and see how each area is doing, and their taxes are calculated automatically over the whole estate.

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