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Grafene is a high-end central Manchester restaurant, giving customers the ultimate luxury experience. They needed a custom EPOS system to match their way of working, so POS-Up were called upon to help them get set up with Kounta.


The restaurant went one step further in their quest to have an all-in-one system that did everything they wanted it to by integrating their Kounta EPOS system with Market Man. Market Man helped them coordinate purchase orders, and took advantage of Kounta’s stock control system down to an ingredient level. Now every time Grafene sells a dish, the exact amount of ingredients will come out of the live back office stock count. Additionally, Kounta portability allows them to move around the restaurant with their iPads and take complex orders right at the table.


Not only do Grafene now work almost autonomously, they are able to offer exceptional customer service, thanks to Kounta’s quick system. Custom notes allows the staff to put any dietary needs onto orders which print through to the kitchen, and the power of EPOS allows all this to be done over their wifi network.

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