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Kith and Kin

Kith and Kin

Kith and Kin is a homely kitchen and coffee house in Whitley Bay, catering to customers looking for a nice place to relax and get a coffee and a bite to eat. They were looking for an iPad EPOS system to allow their business to operate quickly and efficiently. They wanted to process orders rapidly and get a lot of information printed directly from the point of sale so that orders went smoothly.


The restaurant ended up with a single iPad EPOS system running Kounta, alongside a printer to print out the coffee and food orders. We got them set up and configured everything remotely. We configured their Kounta menu for them and set up a remote training session to teach them how to process orders, use the back office etc. This was all done in a short time frame, so the system was set up in a short amount of time.


Kith and Kin now love Kounta and the benefits that a cloud-based iPad EPOS system can bring. They do all their accounting by exporting their weekly and monthly reports with ease, and their taxes are calculated at the press of a button. Their kitchen workflow is also very efficient, with Kounta printing all the coffee options and order modifications on the printer dockets.

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