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Squerryes is a winery and estate, offering their produce and and a place to relax and host events for any special occasion. they were in need of a versatile EPOS system capable of handling different products, different locations and different events. We recommended Kounta.


The estate were provided with a state-of-the-art EPOS system running Kounta, capable of doing everything they asked for. The EPOS technology and Kounta allowed them to work indoors and out for hosting events, and let them serve complex food orders and retail bottles of wine all in the same transaction. The seasonal nature of the business allows them to downgrade their account during the off-months, so that they’re not paying for a system they’re not using. There are no contracts with Kounta or POS-Up, so you can upgrade or downgrade at any time you like as per your needs.


Squerryes now loves Kounta EPOS system and the benefits it can bring. Not only can they cater to all their guest’s needs, they get in-depth reporting through the back office, speedy transactions, and the ability to send food orders through to the kitchen from a marquee outside.

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