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Zest is a brilliant modern Mediterranean-style restaurant in Devon, serving up the best from the countries near the Mediterranean sea. They were in search of an iPad EPOS system to upgrade from their current legacy system. They wanted to enhance their workflow, get better reporting and take orders quicker.


The restaurant ended up with a 2-iPad EPOS system running Kounta, along with some printers to send order dockets and receipts to. We set up their account and configured everything completely remotely. We helped them to set up their menu and trained them to get them up to scratch before they started trading through Kounta. This included setting up their categories, drinks, option sets and variants, then taking them through the system step-by-step so they knew exactly what Kounta was capable of.


Zest now enjoys a truly revolutionised workflow; sending dockets through to the kitchen and bar from the cloud-based iPad EPOS system. They’re able to see their entire sales history through their in-depth reporting, with the ability to manage their taxes and stock as well. They are also taking orders far quicker, so the staff have more time to give great customer service without having to worry about order mistakes.

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