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A till as fast as you are

With Kounta, the Casual Dining EPOS System.
  • Café EPOS System integrated payments sum up casual dining EPOS system

    Integrated Payments

    Step into the future with our friends at 'Sum Up'. They offer a cool, compact and portable card reader, low per-transaction rates and effortless contactless functionality. Also works with iZettle.

  • Café EPOS System Takeaway EPOS system

    In/Out Options

    Configure your products to eat in or take away, and coordinate your taxes accordingly. Kounta's reports then do the hard work for you and tells you how much tax you need to pay.

  • casual dining EPOS system collect apps offers

    Easy Promotions

    Automate and customise special events and periods with Kounta's integrations. Send customers individual offers based on dates, purchase frequency, inactivity and much more.

  • Takeaway EPOS system kitchen printing

    Kitchen Printing

    Orders made are sent directly to the kitchen. Dockets are printed out in an easy-to-read format, with all options, variants, custom notes displayed.

  • Takeaway EPOS system

    Faster Transactions

    Kounta's proven interface is intuitive beyond belief, allowing new staff and Kounta veterans to adapt quickly. This reduces disruption to your business and reduces stress at busier times.

Your Kounta installation lives in the cloud and is maintained by us—no more IT headaches and annoyances. And if your connection goes down, Kounta keeps running, ready to sync back to the cloud when service is restored.


Kounta is a Point of Sale Software System that works on iPadsAndroid devices, Macs and PCs – We can provide all your additional hardware for you so that you’re ready to use Kounta.

Kounta_Lifestyle_05 (1)

Loaded with features geared for hospitality, like ingredient level tracking, Kounta is an ideal fit for your restaurantcafe, or barRetail establishments won’t feel left out, though: the advanced features have both worlds covered.

Screen Shot 2017-04-24 at 14.55.32

Kounta comes with powerful features like inventory management, real-time reports and analytics, CRM, loyalty and much more. See our demo of these features here

Kounta Accountancy Integration

Kounta seamlessly connects with many of today’s top cloud apps and services. Take credit cards, Apple Pay or Paypal right from your touchscreen. Connect your sales data with Xero, take online orders with Boppl, and run top of the line loyalty programs with Collect Rewards.


Kounta scales perfectly from one store, to as many as you can you grow into. Management is centralised, though, with your product catalog, customers, and reporting all managed from a single interface. Add products globally and then price them per location.

Bars & Clubs EPOS System Café EPOS System option sets Mobile Event EPOS System

Add your products into Kounta and organize them any way you like: assign categories, images, colours, item codes, and barcodes. Whether you’re tapping your way through products to add them to a sale, or scanning a UPC, you’ve got all the tools to make using Kounta work for you.

Mobile Event EPOS System stock management recipe level Restaurant EPOS system

Every time you sell an item, the quantity on hand is updated accordingly. Setting low-stock thresholds allows Kounta to warn you when you’re running low, and integrated purchase ordering helps you stay on top of what you spend. By spending money only when you need to, you free up capital from being tied up in slower moving items.


Detailed reporting on any or all of your locations is available from wherever you happen to be. Filter criteria to drill down into detailed figures and enable granular analysis. Kounta Insights provides advanced analytics to increase business intelligence. Knowledge is power and Kounta gives you the power to make smart decisions.